1. Customer Focus
We listen to our customers and build relationships so we can understand their needs and provide them with the very best customized service.

2. People Development
We create a positive environment where our people are supported to learn, develop, perform and be the best they can possibly be.

3. Continuous Improvement
We always strive to do things better. We encourage, share and support new ideas that improve the way we go about our work.

4. Hard Work & Persistence
Great things can be achieved with hard work, determination and passion. We enjoy making things happen and persist until we reach our clients goals.

5. Lead by Example & Take Responsibility
Every team member at Iconek can play a leadership role by setting the highest standards, leading by example and taking responsibility for actions and outcomes.

6. Team Work & Respect
At Iconek we work as a team. We listen to each other and appreciate different views. We respect our team mates and never let them down.

7. Entrepreneurial Spirit
At Iconek we are always open to new ideas. We are creative use our initiative and try new ways to build and improve the business.

8. Keeping it Simple
We keep things simple, communicate clearly, act fast and at the same time uphold the highest standards in customer service.

9. Honesty & Integrity
Our team are honest, behave ethically and act with integrity.

10. Be Humble
We are humble when we enjoy success and recognise the efforts of each of those who have contributed to it.